Why is the amount on the bills I’ve been receiving for some months the same.

Why is the amount on the bills I’ve been receiving for some months the same.

This could be as a result of Estimated bills within the first 3 months of installing the meter or Flat rates due to faulty meter.
Please provide us with the following details to assist you.
• Account number/Service Point number
• Account name
• Reliable contact number
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    • Why do I receive huge bills

      You may be receiving such bills as a result of the following; • Multiple consumers on the meter • Earth leakage • Faulty meter • Increased Consumption • Overbilling • Wrong reading • Estimated billing Earth leakage issues kindly get a qualified ...
    • Why I’m I not receiving my bills

      You may not receive your bills for many reasons which include the following below; • Newly installed meters within 3 months • Meter under SHEP (Self Help Electrification Project by the Government) Project • Wrong Address on your Account. • Meter ...
    • I traveled for some months and I’ve been given a bill why

      As long as a meter is installed a customer will always be receiving bills unless the meter is disconnected or ECG is notified to disconnect the meter from the system as a result of a customer’s unavailability for a period. • Non-Residential meters ...
    • Why I’m I receiving bills whiles my meter has been removed

      If the meter was removed by ECG, then a finalized bill will be prepared but it was removed as a result of it being faulty, then a flat rate (Specific amount every month) until the new one is installed.
    • Why do I have a negative amount showing on my bill

      Having a negative balance could be as a result of paying more than you owe or when there is a correction of a wrong reading of a previous bill.