Why I’m I receiving bills whiles my meter has been removed

Why I’m I receiving bills whiles my meter has been removed

If the meter was removed by ECG, then a finalized bill will be prepared but it was removed as a result of it being faulty, then a flat rate (Specific amount every month) until the new one is installed.

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    • Why do I receive huge bills

      You may be receiving such bills as a result of the following; • Multiple consumers on the meter • Earth leakage • Faulty meter • Increased Consumption • Overbilling • Wrong reading • Estimated billing Earth leakage issues kindly get a qualified ...
    • Why I’m I not receiving my bills

      You may not receive your bills for many reasons which include the following below; • Newly installed meters within 3 months • Meter under SHEP (Self Help Electrification Project by the Government) Project • Wrong Address on your Account. • Meter ...
    • Why is the amount on the bills I’ve been receiving for some months the same.

      This could be as a result of Estimated bills within the first 3 months of installing the meter or Flat rates due to faulty meter. Please provide us with the following details to assist you. • Account number/Service Point number • Account name • ...
    • Can I pay my post paid meter bills?

      Yes, you can pay postpaid bills
    • How do I make payment for my bills/top ups?

      Download and install the ecgmobile application from Google Playstore. Visit meter management or postpaid bills on the application to either top-up your meter or pay your bills.