What is the call center number?

What is the call center number?

ECG call center number: 0302611611

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      Recharge with a Token You are provided with a Token after making a purchase at any ECG payment outlet. Punch in the token to send credit to meter (very similar to dialing a number on the phone). The process is [ Press Start ] + [ Enter Token ] + [ ...
    • How do we report a broken pole issue

      Kindly give us the Vehicle registration number if you have it as well as the Location, reliable contact number & nearest Pole number. Report to us on +233302611611, or @ECGghOfficial
    • Token Not Found

      Kindly assist us with the following details for further assistance: Meter number Mobile Money Number ECG Transaction ID (If any) Momo transaction ID   Click to provide details
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      The Alpha Smart Pre-payment system consists of two (2) major components at user end: 1. Smart Prepayment Meter with Modem  2. User Interface Unit (UIU)               1. SMART PREPAYMENT METER+  MODEM ALPHA smart Prepayment Meter can easily be ...
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      Possible causes of phase off include; • Transformer Overload • Sparks on Pole • Power Fluctuations • Fuse/Cable theft • Illegal Connection • Merged Conductors • Broken Conductors • Usage of High Consuming Gadgets by customers  Please provide the ...