Can I top up any type of ECG meter using the application?

Can I top up any type of ECG meter using the application?

Nuri for now

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    • How do I make payment for my bills/top ups?

      Download and install the ecgmobile application from Google Playstore. Visit meter management or postpaid bills on the application to either top-up your meter or pay your bills.  
    • ALPHA Smart Pre-Payment meter

      The Alpha Smart Pre-payment system consists of two (2) major components at user end: 1. Smart Prepayment Meter with Modem  2. User Interface Unit (UIU)               1. SMART PREPAYMENT METER+  MODEM ALPHA smart Prepayment Meter can easily be ...
    • Meter Error after purchasing power.

      Please provide the following details to assist in resolving the issue • Location with landmark • Type of meter • Error number Click to provide details
    • Why am I charged for using the service?

      You are being charged because the TELCOS have to be paid for using their platform as a channel for paying your ECG bills or top-up.
    • Recharging your Alpha Meter

      Recharge with a Token You are provided with a Token after making a purchase at any ECG payment outlet. Punch in the token to send credit to meter (very similar to dialing a number on the phone). The process is [ Press Start ] + [ Enter Token ] + [ ...