ALPHA Smart Pre-Payment meter

The Alpha Smart Pre-payment system consists of two (2) major components at user end:

1. Smart Prepayment Meter with Modem 
2.  User Interface Unit (UIU)
ALPHA smart Prepayment Meter can easily be installed either in consumer’s premises or on service pole, while UIU can be mounted at a place easily accessible to the consumer. After Installation, the consumer is provided with Account details and is also informed of the designated Vending Stations to pay and recharge the Meter subsequently. Every installation contains an Initial pre-set credit that allows consumer to use the electricity immediately and till they visit vending station to charge the meter with sufficient credit.  
Please note that the initial credit is not FREE. It gets adjusted from the First Purchase.



The User Interface Unit communicates with the meter using RJ 11 cable, which is commissioned during the installation. The User Interface Unit provides the meter data and other useful information to the consumer. Main features of UIU are explained as follows;

A. Display Screen 

    Below is the screen of the UIU with detailed explanations as follows;

1.  Parameter ame

2.  Parameter Value

3.  Unit of Measurement

4.  Switch Status Electricity

5.  Switch O and Full Money

6. Switch OFF and o Money

7.  Low Money

      B. Auto Display Cycle

C. Keypad

The Keypad consists of '0' to ' 9' numbers and two special keys mentioning START / EDIT and SUBMIT. Additional information can be received by pressing the following keys on the keypad

D. Recharging your Meter

Punch token for sending credit to meter (very similar to dialing a number on the phone) and enter the digits of recharge code;